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Pivot Your Business is a guide written specifically to help you confidently grow your influence, impact and income during these uncertain times. This free eBook is your roadmap to survive and thrive, with ready-to-implement-now strategies that you can instantly adapt into your business so that you may pivot your way through.

This downloadable gift is written for those who may feel like their world has been turned upside-down and they feel unsure as to how to run their business during these rather unusual times. This guide will prove to you that there is hope! It has been created to be a play-by-play blueprint to help you shift and transform your business like countless others have creatively done during these uncertain times.

The Pivot Your Business guide will take you through the 5 activators which will fast track your business into safety and success. 

Pivot your mindset. Take a step back from the stress and confusion that many of us are facing right now - especially with our businesses and learn to master your focus so that you can keep doing what you are meant to do - build a business for impact and income.

Pivot your resources. Recalibrate what your true needs are both personally and within your business, then get strategic and targeted with financial resources and opportunities that still exist around your business that you can tap into quickly.

Pivot your time. Take this opportunity to double down on your education and make the most of any isolation you may be experiencing. This is potentially the best opportunity you will ever have to re-dial in the purpose of your business and build a foundation to help you capitalise on the future. Use your time differently to get clients now and make money.

Pivot your marketing. Look at the way recent events have changed not only the world but the world of your customers and take this time to deeply tune into crafting the new message that they now need to be hearing from you to be able to hire you.

Pivot your business model. The shifts you need to implement to shift how you do business and deliver your work to clients, now and into the future!


Knowing where to put your focus right now as a small business owner is a challenge. So the question you might be asking is: "will this guide, which would require my time and focus, actually be able to directly support me to manage my business right now?"

The answer is a yes! This guidebook was created for thriving in difficult times and you should download your copy and set aside time to read it if:

Marketing has become a challenge & you're unsure how to communicate to your audience

You are at all unsure about the best way to be approaching sales opportunities right now

Your ideal clients don't seem to be paying any attention - or money at the moment

Right now you're feeling lonely in your business & need fresh perspective & strategies

You would get value from seeing what other entrepreneurs are doing right now

Having an entirely fresh, relevant approach to growing your business would help you

Who Is Fabienne Fredrickson?

Fabienne Fredrickson is the founder of Boldheart™ and Celebrated for the creation of The Client Attraction System®, Fabienne's company has repeatedly been ranked by Inc. magazine as one of America's Fastest Growing Private Companies.

As one of the world's most loved business coaches, she has mentored tens of thousands of women business owners around the globe on authentic marketing and consistent business growth. Fabienne came to understand that successful business ownership and financial independence require not just more ad hoc knowledge, but ability to follow a proven system that is guaranteed to work.

The Boldheart Business programs help women business owners grow their revenues and their impact, so women do their best work in the world, while enjoying more freedom, financial safety, independence and a wonderful quality of life.

Right now, Fabienne is on a mission to support as many women business owners as possible to survive and thrive past the pressures created by COVID. Her teachings are currently a lifeline for the women working with her now.

Download this guide - it's absolutely free. Let Fabienne help you to pivot and navigate your business so that it can tackle the future with confidence

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